Over the past year, NFTs have had a massive surge in popularity in the tech and entertainment industry by showing the world that a photo or a piece of art can have more power and worth than ever. Now, with NFTs beginning to move into other sections of the entertainment and social media industry, more and more people are searching for new ways to integrate NFTs into their everyday online social interactions.

The possibilities of NFT utility within the MetaVerse are potentially limitless within the online gaming world. Many would question the reasoning behind handing over a large chunk of money for a digital picture, but, what if that digital picture is part of a major gaming MetaVerse that lets you customize the PFP NFT that you own…making it your own unique design/creation?  

NFTs, PFPs, and the Meta Verse…How do they all fit together?

PFP NFT…Profile Picture NFTs are now allowing holders to use their purchased NFTs to identify themselves on all sorts of social sites like Facebook, Reddit, and the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club. Although having these NFTs as your profile picture can be a fun way to show your club exclusivity or just show your artistic NFT interests, there are some that would say that having the ability to customize the NFTs that they have purchased would be a major perk. This is where MetaFame is looking to make some major changes.

Many GameFi platforms that have been released have created in-game NFTs that can not be changed or altered from their original state. With MetaFame, users will be able to fully customize their player avatar and their PFP NFT in the game. This strategy not only increases the potential value of each individual NFT, but it also allows for more personalized gameplay. By designing our entire ecosystem to be closely integrated with PFP NFTs, we are taking the next step towards a higher level of NFT customization within the MetaVerse that will give more creative freedom to NFT holders.

The MetaVerse: What is it and what does it have to do with MetaFame?

Ask any holder or investor in the crypto, DeFi, GameFi, or tech world what the MetaVerse is, and you will end up with a multitude of different answers based on who is answering the question. In the tech world, the MetaVerse is considered to be a centralized cyberspace where tech companies can “move forward into the future of social connectivity and online interaction”, which can and may have its’ advantages in certain applications for companies that wish to integrate a part of the crypto world into things like social media platforms.

In the GameFi and DeFi world, the MetaVerse is where virtual reality, augmented reality, and game space come together and allow people all over the world to interact online in a decentralized blockchain-based space. With MetaFame, users will be able to interact in a fully immersive PFP NFT-based MetaVerse where gamers, token holders, and interested people from around the world will be able to take part in the next level of socially interactive online gaming.

With the MetaVerse being such a huge space, how secure is it?


The blockchain technology behind the purchase and sale of an NFT allows those that are part of a transaction to view any and all previous owners and buyers of that specific NFT. Not only is this a valuable asset in the MetaVerse realm by creating a better and more secure way to complete online transactions, but it also allows those involved to maintain control within the blockchain without having to worry about outside interference from a centralized source. This can mean smaller transaction fees for online purchases and instantaneous proprietary ownership of any assets/NFTs that someone may purchase within the MetaVerse.

The possibilities of NFT utility within the MetaVerse are limitless in the online gaming space.

With MetaFame, NFTs will be used as a centerpiece of our ecosystem by allowing holders to create their PFP NFT as they see fit.

PFP NFTs have become the next major step in the evolution of online social identification, which puts MetaFame in a perfect place to become the next major space where customized NFTs and the MetaVerse converge.

With a foundation built on utilizing NFTs to their full custom potential, MetaFame’s PFP NFT integration has the potential to reshape NFT uniqueness within the GameFi space.

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