As the world of NFTs continues to expand, there are many projects in the NFT/crypto space that have become innovators during a time when the potential for growth is nearly unlimited. Many projects that have launched within the past few years have exploded onto the NFT scene and become big names around the world. 

Although the success of many NFT projects is due in large part to their following and their rarity, there are very few projects in the NFT space that have been able to combine customization and utility in a way that gives the holder more creative freedom and allows them to customize something that can truly be uniquely theirs. This is where MetaFame steps in to bring about that unique customization.

What is a PFP NFT?

In today’s NFT market, the PFP NFT reigns supreme. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, PFP NFTs: Profile Picture Non-Fungible Tokens are typically a collection of algorithmically generated NFTs that can be used as a profile picture on social media or other platforms in place of a standard photograph. These collections differ from other NFTs due to the fact that most other NFTs are individual pieces of art, whereas PFP NFTs can be a collection as large as 10,000 different pictures with no two looking exactly the same. 

CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and HashMasks are just a few examples of PFP NFT projects that have shown the amazing potential behind this type of NFT by including exclusive perks and even intellectual property rights when you buy. But…even with the thousands of different possibilities that can come from an algorithmically generated collection, this still puts a cap on how many different variations there can be and, the holders of these NFTs can’t customize them to their liking. 

MetaFame: Customizable Rarity

With the upcoming MetaFame PFP NFTs, holders will be able to mint their in-game avatar NFT and customize the gender, skin tone, change the outfit on their avatar and even add accessories. Holders will also have full commercial rights to the avatars that they own, and each MetaFame PFP will unlock a VIP Club where members can switch their PFP appearance and join exclusive in-game events once the full game is launched. MetaFame players could even make their MetaFame avatar look just like themselves if they choose to do so…creating a massive amount of individual rarity within the game. All of this not only gives each MetaFame PFP NFT a necessary utility but also increases the value of each NFT by making them truly unique for each individual holder. 

The NFT space is a vast and ever-growing sector in crypto where there is always something up and coming that could take the NFT world by storm. This fact has been proven over and over again by multiple projects, and MetaFame is next in line to innovate the world of PFP NFTs. Allowing holders to customize an already rare piece of art is not just the next big step in the NFT space…but the next level of evolution in PFP NFTs.

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