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MetaFame Celebrity

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What is MetaFame?

MetaFame is a metaverse where anyone can become famous! Compete against other players to curry the favors of celebrities and secure your place among the MetaFamous. Build friendships with influencers and celebrities, earn rewards, and gain your own fame in the metaverse! The spotlight is waiting for you in MetaFame!






Initial Circulating Supply


Initial Market Cap


The Roadmap
Phase I - Preparation (Done)
- Conduct research and set up the development environment.
Phase II - Getting Ready (Done)
- Design and create a multi-tier early-bird PFP NFT. Tier 1: 3,000, Tier 2: 10,000, and Tier 3: 100,000+.

- Pioneering players who own an early-bird NFT that belongs to the three factions (care-takers, paparazzi, or crazy fans) will have their character brought to life in the MetaFame world.

- Owners of these 2D NFT characters will receive an in-game playable 3D character in advance, and upgrading the character will start earning BMFs with no staking required.

- Unveil the MetaFame metaverse with geo-location technology and a celebrity befriending system.

- Set up the MetaFame community.
Phase III - Hello World! (Months 10-16, ongoing)
- Launch the PFP NFT avatar and closet system.

- Launch the PFP NFT make-over system.

- Unveil the MetaFame metaverse with a world map and core gameplay.

- Launch mini-games.

- Create content for the metaverse and its metagame systems.

- Roll out PFP NFTs.
Phase IV - Building up (Months 16-18)
- Complete metagame systems.

- Launch the PVP and ranking system.

- Build external partnerships with celebrities or influencers.
Phase V - Putting it all together (Month 18+)
- Celebrity or influencer features will be fully underway with regular partnership announcements.

- Beta launch.

- Game testing, optimization, and updates.
Phase VI - Land ownership (TBD)
- Launch the land ownership system.

- Conduct land sales.
Non-Fungible Token

Your ultimate goal: earn NFTs and become Meta famous! Players will be able to earn and collect NFT film reels of celebrities and influencers that they have built a friendship with. Some NFT film pieces have a limited number of copies, and some are one of a kind!

Each film contains a picture of a celebrity or influencer with a unique digital signature that can be collected or traded on any NFT marketplace! The more friendships you build, the more NFT rewards you can earn on your way to MetaFame!