Mint MetaFame NFT

MetaFame NFT is an exquisite NFT collection limited to 10,000 copies. It includes an unprecedented, customizable magazine-styled design with each NFT containing a unique 3D character model for you to play in the MetaFame universe. Mint with $BUSD (+gas fees) to customize your avatar and join the Elite Club to receive special MetaFame offers.

Mint now to get:

  • 7 ~ 11 number of random trait

    Earn a chance to receive exclusive pioneering NFT traits.

  • 1 rarity sticker

    Every trait has a rarity point. The higher the NFT rarity ratings, the higher the sticker rarity the player will receive.

Makeover voucher

When you have a MetaFame NFT avatar, you can purchase a Makeover voucher to upgrade your character with $BUSD and gas fees in your collection. This will upgrade your NFT avatar and earn your access to the exclusive VIP club membership. Your original NFT will be burned and receive an upgraded NFT avatar instead.

Makeover now to get:

  • Original trait

    Your NFT will retain all rarity trait except for the rarity sticker.

  • 1 ~ 5 number of extra traits

    Your NFT will receive a vehicle-included background, also has a chance to receive decorative traits such as necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet. The above all has a chance to be exclusive pioneering NFT traits.

  • Guarantees 1 highest rarity score trait

    Of the new traits your NFT receives, at least one will be the highest rarity score.

  • Rarity stick may upgrade

    Your NFT rarity score will increase and has a chance to receive higher rarity stickers.

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