• Mint avatars from the Genesis collection. By minting an avatar, its appearance, rarity, and profession in the MetaFame universe will be revealed.


    • Agent

    • Body Guard

    • Photographer

    Five Rarities

    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • STAGE 1


      Pay to mint a MetaFame’s anonymous ID and become an Elite club member. Pay $BUSD + gas fee and choose your gender and a skin tone to mint a MetaFame avatar.

    • STAGE 2


      Pay $BMF + gas fee to buy a makeover voucher and give the avatar a makeover to become a VIP club member. The original avatar will be burned and a new upgraded avatar will be minted.

    • FINAL

      Get the pimped out

      NFT with a cool ride.


  • 1
    It’s the in-game customizable 3D avatar. Each comes with a unique 3D model.
  • 2
    Pre-upgraded version. No need to start from the bottom to grind and collect gear and outfits. The gear comes with improved in-game attributes.
  • 3
    Travel faster in-game with a ride. Unlike other in-game vehicles, all PFP rides are maintenance-free.
  • 4
    Join exclusive in-game events after the game is launched.
  • 5
    Each PFP unlocks a Premium Club membership. Members are entitled to switch their PFP appearances and gears at a discount.
  • 6
    Each Makeover PFP unlocks a VIP Club membership.
  • 7
    Obtain the qualification of receiving Airdrops in the future, including Metafame Land and Pet NFTs (Genesis collection only).
  • 8
    Receive early-bird BMF Airdrops (Genesis collection only).

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