As the world of GameFi expands even more into the mainstream gaming industry, the number of metaverse gaming platforms has increased exponentially with multiple game launches always right around the corner. Although there is a large and imaginative list of metaverse games for you to sample and experience, there are some that you may want to keep an eye on a bit more than others. Cyborg-viking-space warriors, celebrity encounters in the metaverse, online trading card battles…With so many new and upcoming releases to choose from, having a headstart on which games to look out for could potentially mean major gains for your metaverse gaming bag.

5. Illuvium

Known to some as the first AAA game built on the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium is a PVP game that allows players to battle Illuvials, the god-like inhabitants of Illuvium. When defeated, the Illuvials will become part of the players collection and can be utilized when fighting other players while you build your army. You can also customize your avatar and spend your time exploring the world of Illuvium with their open-world exploration design. According to their developers, players will also be able to purchase plots of land within the game where they can build industrial complexes and expand their in-game resources. The mobile and PC versions are set for release later this year.  

4. Velhalla

GamFi gamers will soon be able to engage in epic battles with fellow players from around the world and earn rewards in the very first metaverse on the Velas blockchain network. Set for release in December of this year, this Play-to Earn MetaVerse crypto game combines Norse lore with cyberpunk, and has also released a series of rare collectable NFT comics that coincide with the upcoming game. As an added bonus, holders of any land on the Velhalla gaming planet will be able to trade with fellow players within the game space. Within the game, players will have the opportunity to win rewards including game based NFTs and SCAR, the official Velhalla based cryptocurrency. 


3. The Sandbox

 Similar to the Microsoft based game Minecraft, this design of the game features pixelated block-like characters and realms that players can create by spending SAND. The Sandbox is also an open-world game where players can build, own, and monetize all of their creations in the game including pixel art, chiptune music, buildings, and  unique characters on the Ethereum blockchain.  Available on Mac, PC, and mobile, The Sandbox allows players to explore the shared map while creating NFTs that can be sold in-game for SAND tokens.

2. Splinterlands

Operating on the Hive blockchain, this free-to-play game offers over 283 different cards that players can combine to add to their abilities and increase their in-game strength. Originally known as Steem Monsters, Splinterlands is a play-to-earn trading card based game that allows players to fight against monsters to earn in-game rewards. There are also a variety of ways for players to earn daily rewards including tournaments, daily quest challenges, guilds, and a marketplace where players can rent specific cards for gameplay. Players are matched into battles based on their rank within the game. The more battles that a player wins, the more they can increase their rank and earn more rewards.


1. MetaFame

As the first metaverse on the Pulse Chain and Binance Smart Chain Network set for release in December 2023, MetaFame will give players the opportunity to connect with real celebrities and influencers. As a player, your goal within MetaFame will be to befriend celebrities and influencers while earning rewards like collectable celebrity NFT video clips and in-game tokens. Players will also be able to earn in-game currency and BFM, the official token of MetaFame. Holders of the BFM token will have the opportunity to stake their tokens to potentially earn more rewards in the future or exchange BFM tokens for Clout, the in-game token that will allow players to upgrade their characters and earn even more high ranking rewards. 

The gaming industry has gained a massive foothold within the crypto space, increasing the already enormous potential of online gaming by integrating NFT gaming and the metaverse. With thousands of people from around the world joining online gaming platforms everyday, it’s no wonder how GameFi has become the juggernaut that it has within such a short amount of time. Avid gamers, newbies, and seasoned pro gamers alike have all begun to flock to the gaming crypto space not just for its earning potential, but to become part of the future of online gaming.  

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