Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. MetaFame channel is invitation based to all.  But the Elite Club channel is only for people who hold the PFPs and the VIP Club channel is for people who have received their PFP makeover services.

To ensure longevity and drive a long term investment interest, we will sell our PFP via $BMF or $ETH and buy back $BMF, and the BMFs proceeds will be burned to enrich the investment interest for the project.

A ride is a vehicle that can be used in-game to shorten the travel time between places.  Vehicles in the games required maintenance services to operate.  PFP owners with a vehicle will enjoy maintenance-free rides.

10,000 are for whitelist sale and FCFS public sale and the sale will be divided into multiple rounds.  300 are reserved for marketers, advisors, or partners.

An avatar is the icon representing a particular character with unique attributes in the MetaFame metaverse.   Owners of the MetaFame PFPs not only will get their avatars in 3D, but the avatars also get rarity-powered traits in the MetaFameuniverse.

Yes, after the game’s launched, you can modify the appearance of your avatar within the game.  But before the game is launched, only the VIP Members are allowed to modify their avatars.

The MetaFame team will receive 5% on all secondary sales. The proceeds will be used to incentivize the team, fund operation and continue deliver values to the community. 

Owners of PFP have full commercial rights to the avatars they owned.

The game will launch in 12 months.

The project is developed by Moregeek Entertainment, a veteran game developer based in Taiwan, and a team of marketing professionals from various countries.