The Developers

MetaFame is a veteran DEV team set to launch on April 15, 2022, with the help of NFT celebrities and influencers, ready to be the next big hit in the NFT/crypto space. MoreGeek Entertainment, a Taiwan-based game studio with 10 years of development experience and has developed/co-developed over 20 game titles, is stepping into the realm of metaverse gaming with MetaFame.

Our studio consists of two full-scale development teams made up of avid gamers, expert artists, and experienced programmers. MoreGeek stands at the forefront of development in the arcade, PC, web, console, and mobile gaming world.Some of our notable projects include the 2020-2021 Top Gun Legends, a flight shooter that is scheduled to launch alongside the upcoming Top Gun 2 movie.

In 2019, MIB Global Invasion, an AR-GEO game based on the latest MIB movie. In 2018, Omega Force, a Clash Royale-like PVP game that has been featured by Apple. In 2016, Orbit Saga, an action RPG that was co-developed with Yahoo! Japan and became one of the top-grossing games in Japan.

MoreGeek expansive experiences in development range from the development of various genres including MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), RTS (real-time strategy), ARPG (action role-playing game), casual, and arcade games. With our extensive expertise, MoreGeek is now stepping into the realm of metaverse gaming with MetaFame.